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What is the age limit for sunbed use?

The minimum age to tan in the UK is 18 and no one under the age of 18 is allowed to enter any tanning room or use any UV tanning equipment.​


How frequently can I use sun beds?

The tanning process ranges from person to person and it depends on the type of skin. Tanning on a regular basis within the safety tanning guidelines will enable you to see results and will prevent your tan from fading. It is advisable to allow a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions and 48 hours for skin type 2. Do not use any tanning equipment more than once on the same day! Repeat the tanning session to build up your tan gradually. However, it is recommended not to exceed the number of 60 sessions per year. 


How long does a sunbed tan take to develop?

This is something that varies from person to person and it depends on various factors such as the skin type, the frequency of the sessions and the type of tanning equipment or the power of the lamps that each salon or tanning studio uses. Usually you will be able to see results after 3-5 sessions but you can gain a good base tan after 6-10 sessions.


​Can I use sunscreen on sun beds for extra protection?

Sunscreens are products for the protection of your skin from the sun since they block the UV light from penetration. However, the ultraviolet radiation is the key factor for tanning and it is responsible for activating or producing melanin which

makes your skin look darker.

So, the use of a sunscreen lotion will make the tanning session less effective and will prevent you from obtaining a tan from the sunbed.​


What are the benefits to using sun beds creams and lotions?

Sunbeds Creams and lotions specially designed for sunbed use come as an extra help to the whole tanning process. They can be used before and after tanning and they can maximise tanning results. These kind of products contain ingredients like L-tyrosine (Amino acid for the production of melanin), vitamins, antioxidants and carotenoids. They keep the skin moisturised and prevent it from dryness and exfoliation. It is known that a healthy and moisturised skin can tan easier and the tan is going to last longer. However, you should avoid using outdoor tanning products while tanning indoors because they may cause damages to the tanning equipment and in particular to the acrylic surfaces.


  Can I leave my contact lenses in while using sun beds?

It’s recommended you remove your contact lenses when using a sunbed, because the heat of the tanning equipment causes sometimes eye dryness and you may feel a discomfort.


​Is it safe to use sun beds while pregnant?

It is recommended to not use any tanning equipment whilst pregnant.​


Do I need to book?

No bookings are required for using the sun beds, walk-in only.​


How can I purchase minutes?

we accept both card and cash for payments, we offer both pay per minute and packages head over to our price list for more information.​​​

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